Good leadership is the key to any successful endeavour or enterprise, and good leadership starts with a good sense of oneself. Self awareness, self confidence, self esteem – these are all important factors to consider when looking to influence others in achieving a common goal.

These three things are at the heart of modelling the type of behaviour that leads to success. Transactional Analysis is an ideal model to understand and apply when it comes to intentionally promoting productive behaviours and working as a team.

What we offer:

A program of leadership coaching designed to teach basic TA theory and help managers implement these into their day to day leadership and management. This also includes a copy of the best selling book ‘Win: Proven Strategies for Success in Sports, Life and Mental Health’.

Coaching is proven to help people achieve goal focused results. The leadership coaching support is there to provide motivation, guidance, insights and development . Coaching is a collaborative and focused process, designed to create and deliver desired behaviour change and success.

The types of areas our coaching program helps with are:

  • Delivery of clear communication
  • Self awareness

  • Assertiveness skills

  • Emotional fluency
  • Understanding of human motivations

  • Appreciation for different working styles and personal backgrounds

We also offer a more in depth leadership program of 5 x 2 hour sessions on TA and personal development designed to enhance good leaderships behaviours. 

We offer:

Option 1: 
2 day ‘Introduction to Transactional Analysis’ course

Option 2:
Educational talks – Lunch & Learns – 30 min presentations with 10 minute Q & A = 40 min. Short presentations and discussion on various topics of psychological development, self care and wellness.

Option 3:
Workshops 1 – 1.5 hours each (per topic)

We also offer a program of coaching which includes a copy of the best selling book ‘Win: Proven Strategies for Success in Sports, Life and Mental Health’.

Listen to Brent Pope speak about WIN:

Some TA Topics Covered

  • Ego states and self awareness

  • Contracting V psychological gaming

  • Strokes, discounts and giving/ receiving feedback

  • Scripting, life positions and frame of references

  • Injunctions and early influencers

  • Driver behaviour and self sabotage

  • Personality adaptation insights

  • Doors to success