We might associate mental success strategies with elite sportspeople, but professional rugby coach Brent Pope and psychotherapist Jason Brennan say that’s not the case.

They have written a book, Win: Proven Strategies for Success in Sport, Life and Mental Health, which looks at the psychology of winning and how the mental skills often associated with sport can be applied to everyday life.

As a sportsperson, Brent Pope was taught about visualisation and seeing how the game would be played. Having also struggled with his mental health over the years, he is interested in how these skills can be applied to improving it.

Jason Brennan’s role is to give people a way to train their minds and use their mental skills to consistently enhance performance. He describes the book as a resource of mental skills for the reader to practise, choosing the ones that they like best.

Brent and Jason joined us on The Last Word to tell us more about the book.

Listen to the episode here.